How do I set up a rule in a Sequence to stop someone from hitting a future step?

I don't want to send extra emails to users after they've purchased or visited my site, how can I make sure that they get removed from my sequence before hitting another step?

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  1. Build a Sequence with a delayed step Example: a task step set for 60 minutes after someone fills out a form

  2. Set a Rule step to fire before the delayed step Click and drag the rule into the 1st position, or create it first

  3. Delay the rule step (the first step in the sequence) to fire shortly before the second step.

  4. Set the Rule Step to read whatever action you want contacts to be able to take to avoid step two of this Sequence Such as "if contact visits [mywebpage] [greater than or equal to 1 time] then remove them from [this] sequence").

  5. Set up to fire step two if and only if the contact doesn't fulfill the rule requirements before the time limit is up.

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