API: Where can I get support? [closed]

I know you don't support "custom coding" inside ONTRApages and ONTRAforms, but can I get support for an application I'm building using the API?

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ONTRAPORT will provide support to qualified developers working with our API for integrations, etc. through our [email protected] email support channel.

For obvious reasons we cannot teach people how to program, but we are willing to help anyone with a specific error in their script. Send an email to [email protected] with the following information:

1). What is the API script intended to do?

2). What request type are you using? Eg. PUT, POST etc

3). Please provide screenshots or the text of any errors you’re receiving.

4). We need the full request string or URL that you are using with example data filled in. You can obtain this in three different ways. We recommend the third:

  • By echoing out the variables when running the script then giving us the result or print out.
  • By grabbing the URL from terminal (through Browser Network Tools)
  • By using http://requestb.in/ To use this option which we recommend over the others, do the following: (1) Generate a URL at http://requestb.in/. An example can be found here. (2) Replace the URL in your API script. Here are examples of before and after. (3) Run the script. And (4) send us the “inspect link.” To do this final step, add ?inspectto the end of the generated URL. This is an example of what this will look like: http://requestb.in/10878kg1?inspect

5). A copy of the full API script. This information is not essential like 1-3 but may be needed depending on the issue.

Note:For 4 and 5 we recommend that you create a document on pastebin.com and provide us with that instead of a file. This will format the script in a way that will help us troubleshoot! If you choose not to use pastebin.com, please send us the full request string and full API script as a .txt document.

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