What's the largest size of images I can upload?

Hey, it's me again haha! Having trouble uploading pics again. It appears that the size upload limit is 5mb, and I've resized the images I want to upload to be around 2-3.5mb. They are not loading after uploading. It appears the biggest file I can get to upload is one that is about 800kb. Any thoughts?

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The size upload limit is 5M for ONTRApages. For videos in ONTRAPORT, the limit is 200M.

However, you should probably never upload an image larger than about 300 - 400 KB. And, your goal should be about 70 KB.

Here's why - larger images are compressed by the browser to fit on the screen, slowing down the response time and hurting your SEO (according to Google!) But what about all those high-resolution Apple displays? Take a cue from Apple's own site. Here's an image from http://www.apple.com/ipad-pro/ with an image that is less than 140 KB:

image description

Here's a Technical Article from Google on how to optimize your images for the best user experience (and by extension the best SEO). That article also has links to open source (free) programs you can use to resize your images before upload.

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Ahhh, I gotcha. That's good to know! I wasn't sure if/how much OP would compress images. I will optimize before uploading to keep the file size as close to 100ish KB as possible. Thanks!

quinnballard gravatar imagequinnballard ( 2015-11-24 11:40:08 -0700 )edit
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