I have birthdays listed for most of my clients. I would like to receive email notifications for our clients on or before their birthday. How do I do this?

I figured out how to send them an email or Postcard but I'd like a notification beforehand so I can buy them a gift or give them a call!

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  1. Write the email you’d like to have sent to yourself in the Messages Collection tab

  2. Create a Date Sequence

  3. Add a rule step to this sequence Schedule the step Set when you would like the email to be delivered to you (before, on, or after a client’s birthday) Check the box marked Run this step every year Set the rule step parameters Under Then Do This, select Notify Someone with an Email Select a User that should receive the email notification Select the email you created in step 1 from the Select Email dropdown menu

  4. Subscribe contacts to your date sequence

Anyone who has a birthday stored in their Contact Record will trigger an email notification to you via this Sequence. If they do not, you will not receive a notification for that contact.

If you're wondering which clients have birthdays this month, you might want to set up a Birthday promotion! If you're an ONTRAPORT User, you can access an ONTRAPORT Project step-by-step training on "Setting up an Anniversary or Birthday Promotion." To do so, navigate to this link.

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