Can I create a "Email Us" link or button? [closed]

I need to create a button or a link in an ONTRAmail that will automatically start an email when my customer clicks it. I've seen this done before but I don't see anything in either ONTRAmail or ONTRApages that allows this.

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In ONTRAmail, ONTRAforms and ONTRApages you can use the standard HTML "mailto:" syntax in the URL field for a link, as shown in this image:

image description

The syntax is to use the mailto: tag and then the email address. Put your email address after the mailto tag to have the email TO address filled out. For example: mailto:[email protected] When clicked, the contact's default email client will open with the message aleady addressed to that email address.

We do not support additional tags after the email address for specifying the Subject line, etc.

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