Why is the font in my email coming through as a different size than I specify in the Email Editor? [closed]

It's not consistent between the email designer and when I view it in outlook!

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One thing to keep in mind is that when you specify the font size in the email editor, you’re choosing the size based on pixels, not points. Pixels and points are different units of measurement for text size. Think of the difference between inches and centimeters - you can have a value of 4, and 4 inches is going to be much longer than 4 centimeters.

Sometimes, when email clients (like Outlook) render messages, they will convert pixels to the closest point size. This means that in some email clients, the message text gets rendered in a different point value than the pixel value you specified.

If this is a big deal for you, there’s a way that you can specify points rather than pixels. You’ll need some HTML skills - but nothing major.

First, finalize your email text and specify a pixel size of your liking for the text by using the dropdown in the message editor. Next, click the source button to open up the HTML and CSS source for the message. You should see a string of text at the beginning of the source that reads something similar to: If you want to change the pixels to points, simply replace the x in px with a t so it reads pt. The edited string should look like this, where the number will be the size in points you’d like your font to be: Visit this webpage for a side by side comparison of pixels vs points.

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