Can I edit Tag names?

I misspelled one of them!

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No, but here's how you can go about swapping out an old Tag with a new Tag.

  1. Go to your Contacts Collection.

  2. Create a new Group with the criteria of ‘Contact Tags Contains [the tag you want to replace/remove]’.

  3. Select the Group you just created in your Contacts Collection.

  4. Select all the contacts in the group.

  5. Perform the action Add/Remove Tags.

  6. Create a new Tag. This will be the new Tag that you want to swap with the old Tag.

  7. Add all the contacts in the group to the new Tag you just created.

  8. Then remove the old Tag from that same Group of contacts.

  9. Make sure the contacts in your group were tagged/untagged appropriately. Do this by checking one or two contacts in the group.

  10. Delete the old Tag and delete the Group you created in step 2.

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Be careful with Tags being added by Smart Forms or global Rules; you should review them to make sure they are adding the new tag now as well.

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