Can you track the location of a person that fills out a form based on a customer's IP address?

It would help me to be able to see where my leads are coming from!

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Yes, we have Geolocation tracking based on IP addresses. When someone fills out a Smart Form, ONTRAPORT automatically tracks the city, state, zip code and country of the form fillout. Since it's based on an IP address, the city and zip code may not be 100% accurate as a person's IP address is based on the location of their internet hub. For example, our city is Santa Barbara and our zip code is 93103. However, if we fill out a Smart Form from this office, the city might be Carpinteria (a city just south of us) and the zip code might be 93013 (the zip code in Carpinteria) because that's where our internet connection comes from. Contrarily, if you'd like us to take off the Geolocation tracking, just give our support team a call and they can remove it.

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