Why does my email look different in Yahoo?

Everything looks great in Gmail but when I send to outlook it doesn't appear the same way!

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Email programs render your carefully crafted HTML email differently. Images that are lined up nicely in Gmail are staggered in Outlook. Margins and borders may be larger or smaller, and images may be distorted, over-sized or missing. Web pages use advanced HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) to create stunning layouts, but email programs have not caught up with that technology.

ONTRAPORT's Email Builder uses the most compatible commands to minimize these differences, substituting in-line CSS that renders well in all major email programs. Avoid putting "HTML doctype" commands or stylesheet information in the email header, as the Email Builder has already taken care of those details. For the most consistent rendering across all email programs, use a table-based layout. Use your favorite search engine and search for "html email table based layout" to find thousands of articles describing the process. For the truly adventurous and geeky who want to hand code their emails, this website has a list of the commands that are "universally supported" in the most popular email clients.

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