After creating a partner program, how can I test it without making a sale? [closed]

After creating a partner program, how can I test it without making a sale?

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  1. Fill out your partner sign-up form
    • Make sure you use an email address that’s NOT currently registered in your account
  2. Check your Contact Record to ensure you’ve been:
    • Added to the Partner Program in the Partner Data tab
    • Added as a member to the WordPress website in the Website Subscribers tab
  3. Check your inbox for the email containing your Username/Password
  4. Log into your WordPress site (Partner Center) using your login information from step 3
  5. Go to the Promotional Tools section of the Partner Center and copy one of the direct links to your clipboard
    • Make sure this direct link leads to a page containing one of your Smart Forms
  6. Compose and send an email to a different email address that you own, or a co-worker’s email address and include the direct link from the previous step in the body of the email
    • Make sure the email address you’re sending to is also NOT a contact in your account already
  7. Direct the person you sent the link to clear their cookies in the internet browser
  8. Direct the person you sent the link to open up the email you sent in step 6 and click the link within
  9. Direct the person fill out the test form on the page they taken to via the link
  10. Check your friend’s Contact Record to see if you were set as the First Referrer
  11. Log a purchase of a commissionable product for this referred contact
  12. Check the Pending Commissions tab in the Commissions Collection for a commission pending approval
    • You should see you and your friend entered into this section for whatever product you logged the purchase for
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