Which "Publish" code should I use for a Smart Form?

There are a few different options: javascript, light box, iframe, and html.

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When you click the Publish button, you have a choice of four different code snippets to use.

Javascript provides the shortest code snippet. When the Javascript code is inserted on your web page, all of the form's elements are retrieved from the ONTRAPORT servers each time someone visits the page. This allows you to make changes to your form that are automatically reflected on your websites. Otherwise, you would have to copy the changed code and paste it into each page where the form appears.

Light Box code provides a link that pops up a window when clicked. It uses Javascript, and like the Javascript code, all the form's elements are retrieved from the ONTRAPORT servers each time someone clicks the link.

Iframe code displays a "picture in a picture" view of your form, displaying it as it appears on the ONTRAPORT server. We consider an iframe the "last resort" if a theme or script on your site is overriding the look and feel of the form. The disadvantage of using an iframe is that some browsers may display a security warning that your webpage contains content from another website.

HTML code allows the most customization, and most of the elements in the form reside on your webpage and not the ONTRAPORT servers. This may make the form display faster. However, changes to the form may not be automatically reflected on your web pages, forcing you to copy and paste the form code for each change you make in ONTRAPORT. For the technically savvy, the following form elements can be changed in ONTRAPORT without having to copy and paste the form code into your web pages again:

  • Anything under the form's Settings tab

  • Style settings such as fonts, form width/height, color, etc.

  • Conditions

Any other changes to the form, including adding fields, content, editing field labels, adding Captcha, etc. will require you to copy and re-paste the code into your web pages.

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