How can I use Cyrillic characters?

I don't get all of the Cyrillic characters in my ONTRApages text. What's up?

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ONTRApages uses UTF-8 character encoding, so all the normal Cyrillic characters are available. Some fonts don't support the full set, however.

Try changing to Arial or Times Roman as the font and see if the characters work. To change the font face for an entire page, click on the Page Styles button when the "Blocks on This Page" view is open (save out of editing any blocks to get there):

image description

In Theme Settings, select Fonts. Click the pencil icon at the top right to edit each individual font.

image description

Select each font style, header, body, etc., and change it to Arial.

After editing a block to use Cyrillic characters, you can save it, and return to the Page Styles > Theme Settings > Font section to see which of the pre-designed font packs under "Recommended" support all the characters. As you scroll through them, the canvas will display the characters as rendered by that font pack.

image description

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