If I move a Partner from one Partner Program to another, will all their affiliate data (clicks, leads, sales, commissions) move seamlessly from one program to the other? [closed]

Can I move Partners to different Programs and all of their data will transfer over?

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In other words If Partner (Affiliate) Bob referred a sale for Product A under Partner Program A and I switch Bob from Partner Program A to Partner Program B, (and Partner Program B has a different set of products and commission setups), will Partner Bob still see the historical data for his affiliate activity that he promoted when he was in Program A?

  • When you move a Partner from Program A to Program B, all stats move with the Partner. That means if you move from Program B back to Program A, all stats are still there. The only thing that does change is which Subcollection the Partner appears in.

  • Also, if you change a Contact's Partner Program from Program A to Program B, Program A no longer shows him/her in the Partners Menu > Programs > Program A Subcollection because they are now in the Partners Menu > Programs > Program B Subcollection.

  • As for any open orders (payment plans/recurring subscriptions) at the contact level, those should remain the same as long as both the Product exists and the Partner exists. If the Partner is removed, all upcoming open orders will not be credited to that Partner because they were deleted.

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