How do I track sales that came from a specific link inside an email? [closed]

I have a sequence with emails that have a link to a sales page. I'd like to know how many sales are actually coming from that specific link in those emails. How do I track that?

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Tracked links!

  1. Create a Tracked Link.
  2. Copy the Tracked Link code and insert it in your emails. You can see how many visits you get per tracked link in the Tracked Links collection.

TIP: If you'd like to be able to track exactly who clicked on that tracked link, make a global rule and select "clicked tracked link as your trigger, select your desired tracked link and add an action that adds a tag such as 'clicked tracked link'. Then you can create a group of contacts around anyone who purchased that product AND clicked the tracked link.

Click here for more information on Tracked Links. Click here for more information on creating Rules.

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