Emails Delayed in my Step Sequence?

I set an email step to a 15 minute delay, but it actually took 38 minutes to send. I thought the sequence was stuck at first. Why would a 15 minute delay end up being 38 minutes

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The time delay is really an "equal to or more than" delay, as in "equal to or more than 15 minutes since the last step fired". The system will never fire the step before that delay, but it could be up to 44 minutes after the delay setting in your case.

Here's why: The system checks the steps every half hour. If the step is not ready to fire the system will check again in 30 minutes. In your case only 8 minutes had elapsed when first checked, and the step was not ready to fire. At the next check, 30 minutes later, the step was ready because it had been at least 15 minutes. The step fired, but it was really 38 minutes later.

The worst case would be if your Contact reached the step at 16 minutes after the hour, and 14 minutes later the system checks to see if it is ready. The system would say "no" because it had not been at least 15 minutes. It was only 14 minutes later. At the next check, 30 minutes later, the delay would actually be 44 minutes and because that is greater than the 15 minutes, the step would fire.

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