Can I host my ONTRApage on my WordPress site? [closed]

I understand I can use a new domain name, without any other content or email ability, to host my ONTRApages. But is there any way to host ONTRApages on my WordPress site that already has quite a bit of content?

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Yes! You can place your ONTRApages on your Wordpress site using our ONTRApages WordPress Plugin. You need a premium ONTRApages account to use our plugin.

  1. Build an ONTRApage in your ONTRAPages premium account.
  2. Generate an API Key and APP ID in your ONTRApages account (My Account Information in the upper righthand corner then "Generate Key").
  3. Download the ONTRApages WordPress plugin.
  4. Log into the backend of your WordPress site (you must have admin privileges).
  5. Upload the ONTRApages WordPress plugin and activate it. You'll see a new ONTRApages section on your dashboard navigation.
  6. Click ONTRApages > Settings and Enter your API ID and APP Key that you generated from your ONTRApages account.
  7. To place one of your ONTRApages on your Wordpress site, click ONTRApages > Add New and select the desired ONTRApage from the pulldown menu. Give it a title and publish it. Voila!

You now have your ONTRApage published on your WordPress site! You can read more about this on the ONTRAPORT Blog here.

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