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I use WP Engine as my webhost and love the platform. But they have something called Evercache that looks like it is interfering with my PilotPress protected pages. What can I do?

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WPEngine is a popular, premium WordPress host that includes a power server-side cache system they call Evercache. It works to greatly speed up delivery of regular web pages by serving them from disk instead of the WordPress database. However, like all caches, it serves the page from disk without checking to see if the logged in user has permission to see the page. Non-members can view the page this way, but often PilotPress will jump into action after the fact and try to redirect the non-member away. Often this results in the login box appearing on the protected page, or a valid member being redirected back to the original log in page.

There is a solution! Ask WPEngine to exclude your membership pages from cache. They run into this problem often on e-commerce sites where the cache presents the prior customer's cart, etc. See THIS PAGE in their knowledge base for the instructions they provide to have pages removed from the cache.

You can provide a list of the pages to exclude. It's much easier if you arrange your membership pages to all be in a specific folder, a structure that might look like:

yoursite.com/members/welcome-members yoursite.com/members/gold-members yoursite.com/members/silver-members

All the membership pages are located under /members/, so WPEngine can easily exclude that folder from the cache, and all future pages you add will automatically be excluded from Evercache.

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