Can you split test an ONTRApage? [closed]

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Yes! If you're an ONTRAPORT user, it's right up there at the top, easy-peasy.

If you're an ONTRApages user, then you need to be at the Premium level in order to access the split-testing features.

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Landon's right! If you're an ONTRAPORT or ONTRApages customer, you can use split testing to hone in on which copy or design converts best. Set up to four different versions of a Landing Page, release them to your audience and compare the results.

Here's how to do it in ONTRApages Premium:

Create an ONTRApage and your page's content. Once you're happy with version A, enable split testing.

While in the ONTRApages editor, turn on Split Testing from the top right navigation toggle.

Split Test On

Click the + icon to add a new Split Test. You'll be given the option to make a copy or create new. If you only need to tweak a small part of the page, we recommend you make a copy.

New Split Test Options

If you chose to Create New, repeat the steps to design the page.

If you chose to Make A Copy, edit your content accordingly.

Once the new version is completed, you'll see versions A and B side by side.

In the upper right corner of your ONTRApages page select the Publish button.

Click Publish

Once the page has been published, you can view visits and other stats by clicking on the Stats tab while editing the page.


Note: Once a lead views one version of your page, they will see that version every time they go to the URL as long as they are still cookied. If you would like to see both live versions of your page, test in an incognito browser.

If you're an ONTRAPORT User, you can access an ONTRAPORT Project step-by-step training on this. To do so, navigate to this link and the project "Split Test Your Pages to Improve Conversion Rates."

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