Can integrate OntraPages with Infusionsoft? [closed]

Can I send all information collected by forms to Infusionsoft?

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Standalone ONTRApages, at $15 a month, can send your leads to any CRM or email provider including Infusionsoft. See details at https://ontrapages.com/ (click the Pricing link at the top right to jump to the section).

ONTRAPORT includes ONTRApages as well as a full featured marketing automation and CRM platform that can replace many different programs. Plans start at $79 a month. See https://ontraport.com/pricing for details.

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I wasn't able to integrate Ontrapages with Infusionsoft.

In the ontrapages form setup screen you are asked to provide the URL that your original form is hosted . ( shown below)

Iimage description

I put my form page URL as well as Infusionsoft self hosted form URL neither of the worked.

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