Can I schedule a payment manually for a future date? [closed]

I know I can enter a manual transaction in the Contact Record by opening up a contact and selecting "Log Transaction" on the Actions menu. I can either just log the transaction and not charge their card, or charge their card for the transaction.

But what I want to do is enter a transaction to be billed later. I want to charge them in 15 days. How can I do this?

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Yes. You can schedule a charge for a later date...

If you're using the manual transaction just hover over the Total Charge amount. A Charge at a Later Date box will appear. Here you can pick any date you want for the charge. The same thing can be done on a standard Smart Form so anyone who fills out that form will be charged on one specific date. image description

The other option is to offer a free trial period. Here you can pick the number of days in the future you want them to be charged. This way everyone who fills out the form will have their own unique charge date depending on what day they purchase. image description

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I'd recommend making a task reminder for yourself to charge it at a later date. If the charge in 15 days will be happening frequently, then you could make an order form with a $0 product and a trial for 15 days.

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