Can Wistia "Link in Email Campaign" code work in ONTRAmail?

I have a Wistia account, and they have a great link and image you can insert into your email campaigns. In a regular email I can just paste the code into the "source" and it works. But I'm not sure how to make it work in ONTRAPORT?

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You can use the Wistia link in an ONTRAmail! You just have to embed the "components' of the link separately in ONTRAmail.

Here's what the code looks like:

<a href="https://acumen.wistia.com/medias/fs102jlmbah?wemail=[Email]"><img src="https://embed-ssl.wistia.com/deliveries/49b25354894zdf49c34833gg82n5slsb936cy98.jpg?image_play_button=true&image_play_button_color=323235e0&image_crop_resized=450x253" alt="Wistia Example Video" width="450" height="253" /></a>

In ONTRAmail, select the video block and then the video for editing. For the "Video Image", choose to replace the image, and paste in the URL found in the <img src tag. In the example above it is https://embed-ssl.wistia.com/deliveries/49b25354894zdf49c34833gg82n5slsb936cy98.jpg?image_play_button=true&image_play_button_color=323235e0&image_crop_resized=450x253

image description

Click "Go" and you will be returned to your media library. Select the image and click "Select Image". The video image will display in the canvas.

Now, click the "Edit Link" button in the palette. Paste the portion of the Wistia code that is the link. It is after a href=" in the original code and looks like this in the example: https://acumen.wistia.com/medias/fs102jlmbah?wemail=[Email]

image description

Now the placeholder image matches what Wistia has, and the link will track all of the conversions, duration watching, etc. that Wistia records.

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