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lets say I have a group of products ,, like horoscopes, where there are 12 of them, one for each astrology sign.

I charge 19.99 for each one, and I do not want to make 12 different checkout pages to accomplish this.

I only want to make one checkout page with a drop down that allows them to select which horoscope they want..

Can I do that or do I need to make 12 pages?

I did not see the option.

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While you're not able to add a drop down of Products, we do allow adding more than one to an Order Form, as well as allow users to change the quantity -- including zero. You can use this to create an Order Form with, say, twelve Products all with a default quantity of zero. The buyer then simply upticks the quantity next to the Product they'd like to buy before purchasing. One thing to note is that payment success Rules run even if quantity zero is selected. Therefore, you'll need to be sure to set up specific purchase Rules to avoid giving away anything for free (e.g. "Has ordered a certain number of a Product X").

Basic instructions:

  1. Add all Products to a single ONTRApage Order Form block, a single ONTRAform Order Form, or to a single Smart Form Order Form.
  2. Allow the buyer to change quantity of each Product, accepting zero along with setting a default quantity of zero. Set the max quantity to your desire.
  3. Be sure to set up specific purchase success Rules for each Product.
  4. Save and publish your ONTRApage, ONTRAform Order Form or Smart Form Order Form.

Information on each type of Order Form can be found on our Knowledge Base below:

Live example:

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