How to manage multiple landing pages with my existing domain [closed]

Hi, I love Ontrapages and would recommend it to anyone. It is the first of many tools attempting to make quality design of landing pages accessible to everyone, really crack this effectively.

My problem is this. I would love to create and use multiple landing pages done with Ontrapages on my existing website. The problem is that Ontrapages allows me yes to map my domain to a landing page, but the moment I do so, I lose all of my website content at the same time. That is what I read in your tech info. The only alternative is for me to keep these Ontrapages-generated landing pages at their original URLs on Ontrapages, but this does not look very professional on my site.

Is there a solution to this that I am missing?

Obviously my ideal solution would be to have the possibility to download the full landing once completed, so that I could upload it myself to my own server and place it at the URL I want. Any possibility of doing this now or in the future?

Many thanks in advance for your kind help.

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The ONTRApages Free account is limited to the ONTRAPORT domains we provide. The ONTRApages Premium account ($15 per month or $99 per year) allows you to use your own domain, but you are right, that domain is only used for the ONTRApages landing pages and your existing content hosted elsewhere will disappear. This works well when you have a domain name to use solely for landing pages, such as the .net version of your .com domain.

There is an option coming soon for ONTRApages Premium if you have a WordPress site. You will have the ability to use the ONTRApages plugin and import your ONTRApages Premium pages into your WordPress site. It is currently active for ONTRAPORT customers on the $297 plan and above, but we are working on a version for the ONTRApages Premium level.

The third option for ONTRApages Premium accounts is to use a wildcard subdomain A record. If your domain was www.ontraport.com, a subdomain would be offers.ontraport.com. Using a wildcard subdomain A record you could enable the ability to create those subdomains when you publish the page. You can add pagenames to the subdomain, so multiple pages can be hosted on it. All of these would work:

This requires more complicated set up, and we recommend hiring a web developer skilled in setting DNS for your domain. You can read about this option under "Use your own domain" > "Method Three:" at http://support.ontraport.com/entries/...

Frank Hagan

ONTRAPORT Community Coordinator

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