How can I get a list of contact fields using the API? [closed]

My developer wants to know how to get a list of all the fields in my account, including my custom fields, using the API.

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ONTRAPORT has interactive API documentation at https://api.ontraport.com/doc. Provide your developer with an API Key and APP ID and point him to that link. To create an API Key and APP ID follow the instructions at http://support.ontraport.com/entries/26365645-API-in-ONTRAPORT.

The developer will add the API Key and APP ID into the appropriate fields at the top right of https://api.ontraport.com/doc. The fields will be outlined in green when the API is connected.

Scroll down to GET /objects/meta. In the objectID field enter 0 (zero). Click the Try it out! button.

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The response will be a listing of all Contact Record fields, including the custom fields in that account. The Request URL (endpoint) will also be provided for use in his application. (Note that this URL, by itself, cannot access your account as it does not include the APP ID and API Key; it must be used in combination with the code your developer will write).

Code samples are provided at https://github.com/Ontraport/ontra_api_examples

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