smart forms and colour

I need to link my ontraport smart form- not this limited one plus I want to change the colours

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Hey Jean,

I can definitely feel your frustration from your post. Have you checked out the new ONTRAforms feature yet? We have two options: Smart Forms and ONTRAforms. If you're using ONTRAforms, you can build them kind of like ONTRApages and can edit the colors by clicking on "Page Style" when you don't have a block selected.

Page Style

You can then edit the Colors and the Background of the form.

If you're using a Smart Form, you can edit the colors presented in "Form Style" as you can see here:

Smart Form Background Color

You can get really customized with your colors for the fields and background and borders all right here under the "design" tab.

I hope that helps!

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Asked: 2015-10-29 20:50:18 -0700

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