Wrong information in contact fields

When I click into some contacts information stored is all in the wrong fields WHY?

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Check the Automation Log, which is located either on the Contact History tab or at the bottom of the Contact Information tab. The log will show how the contact was added to the database.

Usually, a mis-match on fields is either due to importing contacts without mapping the fields properly or because an external app, adding contacts via the API, is inserting the data incorrectly.

For imported Contact Records, the ONTRAPORT User who uploaded the contacts will be named. You can compare the time and date stamp to the imported files listed in Contacts > Settings > Import Contacts to see how many contacts are impacted. To correct missing or incorrect information you can often import that file again from the Import Contacts page, choosing to "Merge and Overwrite", and mapping the fields correctly. Some clean up may still be required to delete information in fields that should have remained empty on the first import.

If an application is adding Contact Records via the API, the Automation Log will list the API key number. Compare that to the API keys listed in Administration > ONTRAPORT API Instructions and Key Manager to find the culprit.

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