What about the EU Safe harbour data-transfer pact?

I have not read anything about the European Court of Justice ruling the end to the Safe Harbour pact. My assumption is that data is stored outside the EU. Is ONTRAPORT going to react and store data in the EU fast?


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According to the article, the ruling says that various national regulators can act to bar data storage in the US if they want. It doesn't require it, and doesn't have any immediate impact on us until / unless a national regulator acts.

Tuesday’s decision doesn’t order an immediate end to those personal-data transfers. It rules that national regulators have the right to investigate and suspend them if they don’t provide sufficient protections, creating new legal risks for companies.

We don't see this as an issue at this point, but if you're afraid of what may happen in the future, I think you're likely to have a very hard time finding any service provider in our space ready to move their infrastructure to Europe in a quick way. That's an extraordinarily large and expensive project.

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