Can I create my own Partner links with their Partner ID?

How do I get the UNIQUE Affiliate/ Partner URL for a Partner Program to display in an Email that I send out to a Partner.

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You can create a Promo Tool and then use the merge field for the Promo Tool in the email. That is the preferred way, as it automatically embeds both the affiliate / partner ID number and the promo tool number.

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You can then use the merge field available in the ONTRAmail or HTML email editor:

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To "build your own" use ?orid=[Contact ID] at the end of the URL you are promoting. http://ontraport.com becomes http://ontraport.com?orid=[Contact ID]

When the email is sent to one of your Contacts, the Contact ID number will be substituted for the [Contact ID] merge code. If the Contact is also a member of your Partner program the link will act as a valid promo tool link they can use in their own marketing. The Partner's ID is the Contact ID number in the Contacts database.

The caveat to doing this is that the [Contact ID] number will be generated even if the person you send the link is not a member of your Partner program. If you neglect to add the person to your program they (and you) will have no indication that they are not signed up properly. Using the standard Promo Tool method given first avoids this; the standard Promo Tool link is not generated, and the space allotted for it in the email is blank, and the prospective Partner is more likely to notify you of a problem (before they do their marketing).

It is simply their Contact ID number in your Contacts database. I would test this with a test Contact you have added to your Partner program.

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