Update Credit Cards: $0 Order Form not Working

OK, so I know customers can update their credit cards in the Customer Center in WordPress, but not all my customers have a login. So I'm using a $0 product on an Order Form. This used to work but now for some reason they can enter a credit card that is up to the limit, or invalid in some other way. What can I do?

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Some payment gateways like authorize.net will process a $0 transaction and advise if the card is valid. This makes it easy to create an order form with a $0 product named "Credit Authorization". The customer can see there is no charge, so filling out the order form doesn't meet much resistance. And once the card is processed, ONTRAPORT records the new card information and can start processing any past due open orders.

Other payment gateways such as Stripe will not honor the $0 transaction, and need a minimum amount to process the card. Your customer is not likely to want to incur a charge to simply update their credit card.

The alternate method is to create the same "Credit Authorization" product but have a price of $1 associated with it, but never charge the customer the $1. We can do this by setting the "Credit Authorization" product to have a 6 month "Free Trial". The gateways will authorize the card and put a $1 hold on the card for a short time, typically 7 to 10 days. Then, we cancel the open order for the "Credit Authorization" product before the end of the 6 months. Here's one way to automate that process:

Create the $1 "Credit Authorization" product. Create a new ONTRApage by navigating to Sites > Landing Pages and clicking the Create New button. Select a template or use the Start From Scratch template. Remove any other Smart Forms on the page, and add the Order Form block. Select the block for editing and then hover over the items listed in the Palette that we don't want and toggle them off. In this screenshot we have turned off the Billing Header, Billing Fields, Shipping Header, Shipping Fields, Pay with Paypal, and Product Grid displays.

image description

Then edit the Product Header so we tell our customer that they may see a temporary $1 "hold" on their on-line account, but that it will disappear in a few days and they won't be charged

image description

Click the Payment Settings icon to set the product, free trial period, and payment gateway. Even though we have this "hidden" using the Palette selectors, we can access it from the Payment Settings icon. Save the settings.

Click the Form Settings icon in the Palette. Set a Rule in the Conditional Rules > Successful Payment section to add the Contact to the "Credit Authorization" sequence. If you do not have this sequence created already, choose Create New from the rule drop down and create a new Step Sequence. The first step can be an email thanking the customer for updating their card information. The second step should be a Rule Step that cancels the open order for the free trial product so we don't charge the customer.

image description

You can also set a Rule for an unsuccessful attempt to update the card if you wish. However, the order form itself will produce an error message telling the customer to try again.

Make sure you set the ... (more)

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