My Upsell Forms are timing out. Why?

I can't figure out why my upsell forms are timing out. Help!

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"Because credit card information is being cached between the Order Form and the Upsell Form special procedures must be used to test the Upsell Form. The most common errors are due to:

  1. Your time out is too short. ONTRAPORT's default time out is set at 5 minutes, this can be adjusted by reaching out to support.
  2. Using different domains for the Order Form and the Upsell Form. Both the original Order Form AND the Upsell Form must be on the same domain.
  3. Using a different Payment Gateway on the Upsell Form. The Order Form and Upsell Form MUST use the same Payment Gateway.
  4. Testing the form multiple times. If you do not properly clear cache and cookies the Upsell Form will fail, resulting in a time out.

Steps to perform before each and every test: 1. Clear your browser's Cache

  1. Clear your browser's Cookies

  2. Special Note for Safari browsers: Using Develop > Empty Cache will not work. You must manually delete the cache files in the hidden folder and then delete all cookies using the following instructions:

  3. Finder > Go (while holding Option) > Library > Caches. Find the Safari cache file and manually move it to Trash.
  4. Next, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Details and Remove all Cookies

If you are still having issues, please reach out to support and they will help you right away"

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