What should I do if the image editor is not uploading my images?

2 problems... #1, the image editor will not save my changes. Even when I exit, and it asks if I want to save, and I say YES, it doesn't. #2... My large background photo always looks great in the editor, then when I go to preview mode, it blows up... literally. Any way to scale the picture?

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Hey Danie,

Thanks for writing in! Both of those sound frustrating and I'd love to look into it a little more. Regarding the image editor, definitely clear your cache and cookies. You should do this regularly to ensure that ONTRAPORT/ONTRApages work as intended. It might fix your other image issue as well.

After you do that, try again. Regarding the image, the preview and editor should match. How does it look on the live page? It may match the editor better and only be an issue between preview and editor.

Let me know!


Product Communication Coordinator at ONTRAPORT

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Asked: 2015-12-17 12:25:44 -0700

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