What are Recharge Settings? [closed]

I just noticed this section under Sales > Settings! What does it do?

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Hi! Great question. Here are some best practices surrounding Recharge Settings:

As we all know, a credit card being declined can happen at any time and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your customers when this does occur. Recharge Settings are a built-in feature in the app that allows you to automate the entire process of following up with and recharging clients!

Declined Card Sequence

A Declined Card Sequence is a basic Step Sequence that notifies a customer via email when a transaction fails because of a card decline. The email message you create for this sequence is generally simple (e.g., "Whoops! It looks like our most recent attempt to charge your card was unsuccessful.").

An efficient way to retrieve the new card information from the customer (without having to call them) would be to also include a link within the email that takes them to a secure landing page containing an Order Form. This Order Form will have a $0.00 product attached to it, for the purpose of collecting the new/updated CC information from the customer.

Recharge Settings

In the Settings section of the Sales tab, the Recharge Settings option allows you to manage when and how often attempts will be made by the system to rerun a declined customer's card.

Retry Transactions in Collections

The first section gives you the ability to choose the frequency of the recharges, as well as how long the system will attempt recharging for. Once the number of days allowed for recharging (90 days by default) the transaction status will change from collections to declined/write-off. This means that you will no longer be able to attempt to collect the funds from that particular transaction.

First Time Failure

The second section is where you can set up a Rule for the first time the transaction declines. In the screenshot, I chose to create a Rule assigning this client to the Declined Card Sequence I created. With this Rule, the customer receives an email from me immediately, directing them to the $0 Order Form where new/updated CC info can be entered. If you would like this Rule to be run on a specific product, you can use the condition ‘Transaction Contains Product’ in order to specify the product.

Additional Failures

The third section is to create a Rule that runs every time a card is declined after the first attempt to run the card. In the screenshot, I have created a Rule which sends the customer an email letting them know that we have attempted to collect a balance from them more than once.

Final Failure

The fourth section is a Rule that runs on the final attempt of the recharge cycle that you determined in the first section. In my example, I set up the following actions to happen. First, all declined charges for that customer will be recharged one final time, and an email will be sent to the ... (more)

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