Can I have everyone who emails me automatically receive an email from ONTRAPORT? [closed]

How can I create a simple autoresponder rule in Ontraport for those who reply to my email address , to receive an automatic thank you email ? ( e.g. You send me an email to my [email protected] and you receive an automatic response with " we will contact you in 24 hours) Thank you!

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You can do this by using IMAP Settings and a Global Rule. It may not fire immediately right after they send you an email because ONTRAPORT will be looking for the email in your inbox and does not constantly check. However, the Rule will fire as soon as ONTRAPORT merges in that new email.

Once you set up IMAP (instructions in the OP Project Keep a Complete History of All Email Communication Between Your Team and Your Contacts) you will set-up the following Rule:

The Rule trigger looks like this:


You can then have them subscribed to a Sequence with a quick email.

Note: this only works for Contacts in your database. If someone else emails you in Gmail/Outlook/etc., that Contact will not automatically be added to OP!

For more information, check out our Knowledge Base.

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