ONTRApages only have placeholders. Why don't you have a Prefill field?

I loved being able to prefill fields on Smart Forms when they were on an ONTRAPORT Landing Page that was used as a PURL. But you guys seem to have gone backward, and the ONTRApages and ONTRAforms do not include a Prefill field. Can you add it back in?

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ONTRAforms and the Smart Form block on ONTRApages can use the "Placeholder" field in the same way. When the ONTRApages page is a PURL, a merge field in the "Placeholder" will be populated with the contact's information. Note that if the page is not accessed as a PURL then the "Placeholder" will display the merge field itself.

If the field you have set with a merge field in as the "Placeholder" text is a required field you will also need to add the following Javascript to the Custom Code > Custom Footer Code section on the Settings tab (right click and open the link in a new window or tab):

Prefill Script

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Knowledge Base Article on PURLS

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