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HI all,

I've looked through the knowledge base but can't find the answer I'm looking for so before I loose contacts a quick question on groups that I'm not quite clear on - does deleting a group delete the contacts within that group (Manage Groups->Delete Group) or just that group, leaving the contacts?

Basically I have a couple of groups that I need to merge into one, and a third to remove totally, in order to make things more organised.

Thanks in advance

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Groups are just "saved searches". You can safely use the "Delete Group" button in the "Manage Groups" tray to remove the "saved search". All the Contacts will remain in all the other Groups they belong to such as the All group.

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To actually perform any actions on the Contacts inside a Group you must select the Contacts, and then use the Actions drawer to perform any actions (such as delete, send email, etc.).

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Thank you Frank, I thought that was the way it works but just needed clarification before I did some damage!

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