Why doesn't selecting all the contacts on the page select ALL in the Group?

There should be an option to have the "select all items in group" be default when sending a broadcast.

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We used to have the default "All in Group" but changed it by popular demand.

Mistakes will always happen, and we realized there are two kinds of mistakes: "recoverable errors" and "unrecoverable errors." Mistake #1 is a "recoverable error":

Mistake #1. You send an email with a special offer to 50 Contacts instead of to 2,500 in your Group. This is a "recoverable error" because you can go back and send the email to the rest of the Group. This is a nuisance, but you have a way to resolve the problem.

Mistake #2. You send the email to All when you really only wanted it to go to the last 50 Contacts who signed up. It's a special offer you don't want others to know about, so you sorted your Group by "Date Added" and checked the box and sent the email. If the default is "All", then you have a unrecoverable error: you just sent the email to all 2,500 in your Group. You can't get the 2,450 emails back from the inboxes. You have to send an apology, or prepare to give all 2,450 the special offer.

When you check the box to select the Contacts you can see the Action drawer is displayed along with a link in orange to "Select ALL Items in Group". This provides confirmation that you REALLY want to send the email to everyone in the Group, and not just the contacts you can see selected on the screen. It is shown in the screenshot below.

Select ALL Confirmation

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