How can I save my email design as a template in ONTRAmail? [closed]

I know I can save an individual email, but when I change it the changes are global. I don't see a "Save As" option either. Is there a way to save my email as a template so I don't have keep repeating all the same design work?

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If you only need a few copies, you can check off the Message in the Messages library and select "Copy", edit the "Copy of ..." message and rename it:

image description

If you are going to send out dozens of emails using the same design, you can also create a template using the Share this template button. Create your email first, using all the design elements you want to use for the email. When done, click the Share this template button and select the Share with individual users link:

image description

Under the Specific Users section, add your ONTRAPORT Admin login email and click Share:

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When you create a New Message the template will be in the My Shared Templates section ready for you to import and use!

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