ONTRApages Free get 2500 views?

In the description in the welcome email it says get up to 2500 views. Can you clarify what that means?

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2,500 people can visit your page each month at the ONTRApages Free level. If you upgrade to ONTRApages Premium for $15/month that limit extends to 25,000 per month. At the ONTRAPORT Basic level ($79) and above, there is no limit to monthly visitors.

When the number of views has been exceeded the visitor will see a page similar to this, until the monthly counter resets and the page can be displayed again:

image description

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That does not sound correct at all unless I totally missed a page or a link indicating that. All that I saw when I clicked on the upgrade link was a $79 / month or $297 / month option. The $79/mo option said 1000 the $297/mo. said 25,000. Please clarify if anyone knows the correct answer.

aleta gravatar imagealeta ( 2015-12-11 20:39:50 -0700 )edit

Do people that offer the ONTRAPORT pages read/respond to any of these questions? Just curious. I did not see where they do it just looked like anyone could take a guess at an answer and post it. I really have no idea what is correct. :/

aleta gravatar imagealeta ( 2015-12-11 20:41:36 -0700 )edit

Hi Aleta - I am an ONTRAPORT employee, along with several others answering questions here. It is intended for peer support so we haven't added specific titles, but we should probably reconsider that!

Frank gravatar imageFrank ( 2015-12-14 10:10:44 -0700 )edit

There are 2 upgrade paths. ONTRApages Premium is $15 / month or $99 a year, for more views and more templates than the free version.

Frank gravatar imageFrank ( 2015-12-14 10:12:08 -0700 )edit

The in-app upgrade to our ONTRAPORT.COM product starts at $79 a month, and offers much more than ONTRApages alone.

Frank gravatar imageFrank ( 2015-12-14 10:14:15 -0700 )edit
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