When should I upsell and cross-sell in my business? [closed]

I'm an ONTRAPORT user and want to sell additional products after the initial purchase.

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There are a couple of strategies to offering upsells/cross-sells to your customers that work with Ontraport

  1. Directly after they purchase product X - or when they download a leadgen - you offer them an additional product. Buys X - upsell Y. You can add an unlimited number of upsells or downsells - if they get X, upsell Y; if they don't want Y, downsell them Z, etc. The initial purchase for the upsell has to be done via a credit card gateway - anything but PayPal Standard. The reason is that they only give their card once and the additional purchases are charged to the same card immediately.
  2. After they've used the product for a while - via a sequence. Buys X, wait 3 days - upsell Z. You can use any payment processor you like, even PayPal Standard.
  3. Triggered by the fact that they've visited a specific set of pages - visits X + Y + Z, buys Z, offer X+Y at a discounted price. You can use any payment processor you like, even PayPal Standard.

When to do it is a question that depends on your business, price point and contacts.

  1. Only do it if the product that is upsold makes sense to the first one - it has to upgrade the experience. If you buy a fishing rod from a store, they upsell you some hooks, not a baseball bat.
  2. Upsell from a lower package to a higher - they get a Basic X, sell them Premium X - list all the additional benefits from the Premium upgrade.
  3. Upsell them more of the same - it can be offered as a gift to someone else, bulk pricing, etc. "Get a second X for just 25% more!"
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While the answer is different for every business, I recommend that you focus on your customer experience.

What makes sense to show your customers when they're purchasing your first product? Look at the value and familiarity of the upsells you'd like to offer. It's generally not recommended to choose upsells or cross-sells that increase the value of the overall order by more than 25%. For example, if you original product is $100, avoid upsells and cross sells that are greater than $25. Also, provide upsells and cross sells that are familiar. The more familiar they are, the more likely your customers will click yes!

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