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Hi, I posted this on Facebook but got no response.

I'm building a landing page with an order form on it. I can do this in WordPress but I'd rather use a OP secure landing page. The issue I have is in the billing section there is a State dropdown which has US states. Being as potential clients are not in the USA is there a way to change that to UK Counties or even just a text box for them to fill in? Thanks in Advance

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At the current time, ONTRApages and ONTRAforms opt in and order forms do not have the ability to edit the country or state lists. I don't have an ETA for including the ability to edit those field options.

Standard Smart Forms do have some editing options for the State and Country fields, with check boxes you can use to include specific entries. If your design can use the 760px fixed width of a legacy Smart Form you might look at using one of those.

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