Can I make a multi-step or Progressive Order Form? [closed]

I have tried to make a progressive order form where I capture the first name, last name and email address on the first form then have an order form on the thank you page. I want those fields pre-filled on the order form so the customer doesn't have to type them in again. When I try to use the String Forms Together or Progressive Forms methods it always fails when I get to the order form.

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You can do that! The basic steps are to set the first form's Settings to use the Order Form page as the Thank You page, and check off the "Pass CGI Variables" checkbox at the very bottom of that Settings page. Then, add a bit of Javascript to the Custom Footer section of the Order Form page.

Here's the process step by step:

1). Create your ONTRApage with a Smart Form block that collects the First Name, Last Name and Email address.

2). Click the Form Settings icon and select Single opt in. Click the drop down box next to "Use this Landing Page" and select your Order Form page, or select "Create New Landing Page" to create it now.

image description

3). Create or edit the Order Form page. Click the Settings tab on the top and paste this code into the Custom footer code section:

<script type='text/javascript'>


var regex = /[?&]([^=#]+)=([^&#]*)/g,



while( match = regex.exec( window.location.search ) ) {

input = document.querySelector('[name="'+

match[1] +'"' );

if ( input ) {

input.value = decodeURIComponent( match[2] );



})() </script>

image description

4). Save and Publish the Order Form page.

5). Back in the first page's Smart Form's settings, click the box to "Pass CGI variables"

image description

6). Save and publish the Smart Form page.

This code was created by ONTRAPORT developer Jesse Baird and is maintained on GitHub

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