How do I automatically merge contacts? [closed]

I am using Zapier to scrape contacts from a templated email and insert those records into Ontraport. I felt safe doing this, knowing that the Merge Contacts feature was available, and figured it would match on Email Address automatically when a contact is added. This is not happening, and I find myself needing to go into the Merge Contacts setting and manually do so.

Is there a way to make merge new contacts being added to Ontraport via API (vs. form submission) with existing contacts when there is a match in the email field?

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ONTRAPORT added a new API call for services like Zapier, Add Or Update, and we worked with Zapier to have them implement it. You should not get duplicates using a Zap any longer!

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Last I heard, which was last week, there's only two options for existing emails coming from Zapier: create duplicates or drop the contact altogether (meaning if the email already exists, the new info doesn't pass). And there aren't any rules to merge contacts automatically.

I'm really hoping the improve the zapier integration soon.

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If you're writing your own script and not using Zapier's, you can search edit and add(in that order) to modify contacts with matching email addresses. You can read more about this and see some example scripts here: https://ontraport.com/ontraport-api

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Yeh, I was hoping not to have to hire a dev to do this, but I suppose that might be the only solution without having to do any manual work.

joekalis gravatar imagejoekalis ( 2015-11-13 14:02:24 -0700 )edit

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