How do I use a Re-Engagement Campaign?

I've heard that I can increase my email delivery rates by emailing those who are enagaged more often than those who aren't engaged. How do I segment who is engaged and not automatically?

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A re-engagement campaign makes it easier for you to maintain a clean contact database, allowing for optimal delivery rates. You can automatically remove contacts who have been inactive or unresponsive to your emails for a period of time, 3 months for example.

An example re-engagement campaign system could work like this. When a contact has not opened an email, clicked any message links, or purchased a product in 90 days, then that contact is sent an email after 80 days of inactivity asking if they'd still like to receive your emails. If they click the link inside that re-engagement email, they are 're-engaged'. If they still don't engage, another email could be sent 10 days later and another one 10 days after that. If the user does not respond by clicking the link, their bulk email status can be updated to no so you don't email them again and you can tag and delete them from your database if you choose to.

Here's an article that explains active re-engagement campaigns further and even includes a Kickstart Kit that you can easily install and configure in your ONTRAPORT account.

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Make sure to check out the in-app training in ONTRAPORT Projects Improve Email Delivery by Automatically Cleaning Your List for instructions on the Active Re-engagement Campaign!

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