Is there a limit the number of steps in a Sequence?

I am creating a Sequence with over 50 steps!


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We're not aware of a limit on the number of steps in a Sequence! ONTRAPORT will process all steps in any Sequence, no matter the length. That being said, if you're working with a very long Sequence (50 steps or longer), the Sequence may take a while to load in Chrome because of the way that Chrome handles each individual step.

We recommend using Firefox to create, edit, and view long Sequences. It is up to you whether you organize your account into long Sequences or short Sequences that are linked together. If you must use Chrome, you can break down the Sequence into smaller pieces. To do so, place a final Rule step on each Sequence that adds all Contacts to the next Sequence in the series. For more information on Sequences, check out our Knowledge Base:

I hope that helps!

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