Can I have an option for a contact to update a field instead of overwrite it? [closed]

The scenario I'm thinking about is if I have a list of subjects I can tutor students in. If I'm tutoring one person in Math then they decide they also want English tutoring, I don't want to overwrite the subject they list first.

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Thanks for writing in! You can easily make this work by choosing how you want your list selection field to work. When you have a Rule outcome (any Rule, Sequence step, Global, or otherwise), you can have the outcome be Change the value of a field... In your scenario, you would choose the custom field you made on different subjects that you offer tutoring in. You would set the outcome to be "Add these values to existing."

Here's a picture of what it may look like:


You can have this Rule on a form so that your prospective students fill out the new subject and it gets added to their list of subjects instead of replacing the existing values!

For others, a few more use cases for this are as follows:

Replace existing values: I'm attending a workshop in one week, but I have attended a workshop on the past as well. If the List Selection field is "current upcoming workshop date," you'd replace my old field value for the past workshop with the new workshop date. You can then use that date in a merge field to remind me when the workshop is.

Add these values to existing: List Selection field has values that represent subjects in school. My child needs tutoring in Math AND Science AND Reading. If I express interest or my contact record is updated to meet one of the categories (matches a new option), you would add the new value to existing. I've already opted into the "My child needs reading help." Later on, I click a Tracked Link to indicate that my child needs math help. The Rule can update my field to add "Math" without erasing "reading."

Remove these values from existing: The List Selection field could contain categories of Products that I have subscriptions for. I'm cancelling my open order for the Product in Product Category B. The Rule can remove Product Category B from my field value without removing the other selected Product Categories.

For more information on Rules, check out our Knowledge Base here.

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