How do I set up a Rule in a Sequence based on someone not having performed an action (like doesn't click an email link)?

I want to trigger an automated follow up email to anyone who doesn't click through to sign up for my next webinar, how can I make that happen without having to manually segment and resend?

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A Rule step based on someone not performing an action doesn't work for something like this; instead, you'll want to set up the original Sequence, assuming that people will not do the action, and then create Rules to remove them from that Sequence when they take the action. For example. Have a Sequence that sends out an email with a link to your site. 10 Days later have a second step, an email step in this instance, set to follow up with people who didn't click the link. Next, create a global Rule that removes them from the Sequence if they click the link. Because the rule is a global Rule, it will fire globally (regardless of when they actually click the link), so as long as they do it before that second email is set to fire, they won't get the follow up bugging them to check out your webpage.

Sequence Example

ONTRAPORT Sequence Example

Rule Example

ONTRAPORT Rule Example

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