Does Pilotpress work with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers?

I'm getting a bunch of emails from customers who can't login.

The common theme seems to be that they are using Internet Explorer or Edge browsers.

Is there a known issue with these browsers and PilotPress?

(Seems like they don't have trouble with the site until they try to login.)

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I checked our support ticket history for any issues with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers, and this issue has not been reported. Are you able to duplicate the issue?

I did find, for older versions of Internet Explorer such as IE8 and 9, there are several issues with rendering of pages and forms, but no reported issues I could find with a PilotPress enabled WordPress site.

The page and form rendering issues with IE 8 and 9 are due to the inability of those browsers to accommodate the code used in modern web pages. Microsoft has ended support for IE 8 and 9. You may have business customers who still require the use of these browsers by their corporate IT department, and there's not much you can do for them (other than producing older style, non-responsive pages and forms using our Legacy Landing Page editor and legacy Smart Form editors). If your business is primarily with consumers, encouraging them to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer will help them stay secure on the Internet as well as enjoy the modern page and form designs offered on the Internet today.

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