Ontraport roadmap?

I have been using infusionsoft, and impressed with ontraport's recent progress, have 2 questions-:

  1. Is there a plan to build drag and drop automation builder like infusionsoft as its so easy to use?

  2. Is there a product announcement page which i can follow?


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Thanks for asking! We don't publish a roadmap for our future development, but do try to be as open as possible about future plans. We have an active Feature Request forum and do indicate some planned projects there (click on the "Planned" link at the top). There is a feature request for a visual campaign builder but no indication if it is planned at this time, see this link.

We recently added in app, step by step instructions to building out funnels (and much more) in our ONTRAPORT Projects. Projects is number four in that list of new features recently announced, so you do have to scroll down a bit to see it. Projects greatly reduces the learning curve for creating in ONTRAPORT without sacrificing the power of fine tuning it later.

Product announcements are handled through our email list - we have a killer email marketing app we use :) - and also on our blog at http://blog.ontraport.com/automation. We also publish our change log, and it shows the pace of our improvements: http://trust.ontraport.com

You might want to Request a Free Demo to take a closer look. Our Business Solutions team can help evaluate your needs and give you honest insights about ONTRAPORT and how it can help you.

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