Can I Import my MailChimp CSV Files?

I downloaded my MailChimp information. Can I upload it into ONTRAPORT?

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Inside the MailChimp export zip file you should have a folder in the Lists folder that is for Members or Subscribed. You can import these files directly without any editing.

Select the first List after starting the import process in Contacts > Settings > Import Contacts

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Step through the import wizard. When you get to Step 3 of 5, leave the information at the top of the page to the default values and read and agree to the Usage Agreement items by checking the check boxes.

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The next page will be where you match fields to ONTRAPORT's Contact Record fields. You may have to select the match for the Email Address field, but the Company, First Name and Last Name fields should be matched already. If not, select the corresponding field from the drop down. For this simplified import, leave the rest of the fields set to "No match" as shown. Then click the Next: Add Rules button at the top right.

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On the final import screen, step 5, click + Add New to add a new Rule. Name the Rule "Add Tag MC:" and then the name of your MailChimp List. Under Then Do This select Add Contact to Tag and add the Tag "MC: <name of="" mailchimp="" list="">". In this example the Tag we are adding is from a MailChimp list named Small Business Resources.

If the Tag does not exist yet, choose Create New Tag in the drop down and create it. Our example Tag, MC: Small Business Resources, will be added to each imported Contact. Click the Save button to save the Rule, then, click Finish at the top right.

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Best Practice: Use a naming convention with your Tags. We are using "MC:" in front of the List name to indicate the contact comes from a MailChimp List.

Repeat this process for each of your Subscribed or Members Lists.

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