How can I have an image from ONTRApage show on Facebook Preview? [closed]

How do I get an image to show from an ONTRApage when I share it on Facebook? I want to make it so that the images from ONTRApages show up in the link image area when shared. Thanks!

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This is a really great question and you can customize it entirely to your liking with a little coding!

To choose which ONTRApages image shows when you share on Facebook, you'll need to place some code into the header area of your ONTRApage under Settings. Specifically, you are looking for the og:image tag. Without <meta property="og:image" content="https://my-website.com/images/my-sharer-image.jpg">, Facebook will grab the first image it finds on the site. Once you add that code though, it becomes up to you which image Facebook chooses.

Enter the code here.

Some advice:

Be sure to make the image you wish to show at least 1200 x 630 pixels or it may be cropped. Additionally, Facebook caches these images so if you ever need to force it to reset, check out this tool. For more best practices, check out this link.

Finally, here are some great resources you may need:

Happy sharing!

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